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Click here Scheme of Delegation 2021/22  to see a PDF of the diagram.

The Frassati Catholic Academy came into existence on 7th June 2013. The diagram above (being reviewed July 2019) shows the Governance structure of the Frassati Catholic Academy and how the Board of Directors Headteacher Committee and the Local Board Committees relate to each other.

What is the Board of Directors and a Foundation Director?

The Board of Directors comprises of a range of governors. There is one elected Staff director, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and eight Foundation directors. Collectively, they provide strategic direction across all five schools and they are responsible for preserving and developing the Frassati’s Catholic character at all times. This overriding duty (which is also a legal duty) should permeate everything that the Directors do.  In addition:

  • MAT Directors are company directors and charity trustees.

  • The Directors are responsible to the Archbishop, to the Government and to the MAC Members for the quality of education in the academies.

  • Directors are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the MAC.

  • Directors have a duty to uphold the MAT’s objects and to comply with any directives, advice and/or guidance issued by the Archbishop via the DES.

Foundation Governors (Directors and Representatives) are appointed by the local Bishop specifically to preserve and develop the Catholic ethos of the school and represent the Bishop’s education policy (e.g. worship and religious education) to the governing body. This is why Foundation Governors will always outnumber other governors on either the local Academy Committee or the Board of Directors. There is no magic formula about what makes a perfect Foundation Governor, they come from all walks of life and all ages. But it is important that each governing body has a good mix of skills, knowledge and experience. The Archdiocese of Portsmouth, manages the process for the appointment of Foundation Governors and provides support to governing bodies in carrying out their responsibilities.

Schools Local Governing Bodies

All schools in Frassati, have a governing body, comprising of different types of governors. One each Local Board of Governors in Frassati, we have two elected Parent representatives and two elected Staff representatives. In addition to these categories, governing bodies in Catholic schools also include Foundation representatives, these Foundation Governors will always form a majority and we have approximately seven appointed for each school.

The Board of Directors delegate local responsibilities to the Academy Committee Representatives including day to day operational matters such as Catholic Life, health and safety, admissions, holding the Headteacher to account for the quality of education, staffing appointments, developing the unique identity, local community and traditions for the school.

Each school has it’s own Local Board of Governors. You can find out more through the following links which are within their main website:

Business and Pecuniary interests