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Faith - Community - Achieving Together

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Faith - Community - Achieving Together

Attendance Records

2020-21 Directors' Attendance

Full Board Meetings      
Date: 05/10/2020Date: 07/12/2020Date: 01/02/21Date: 08/02/21Date: 26/04/21Date: 12/07/21Date: 19/07/21 
    (Special Meeting)  (Extra Ordinary Meeting)
Stephen PoulstonStephen PoulstonStephen PoulstonStephen PoulstonStephen PoulstonStephen PoulstonStephen Poulston
Hans DaemsStephen ClayHans DaemsHans DaemsJulia EvansJulia EvansJulia Evans
Stephen ClayJulia EvansStephen ClayJulia EvansCarolyn SeetCarolyn SeetCarolyn Seet
Julia EvansCarolyn SeetJulia EvansCarolyn SeetRory McCormackRory McCormackFelicity Gasparro
Carolyn SeetFelicity GasparroCarolyn SeetFelicity GasparroFr. John LeeFr. John LeeRory McCormack
Felicity GasparroRory McCormackRory McCormackRory McCormack   
Rory McCormackFr. John LeeFr. John LeeFr. John Lee   
Resources/Finance Committee Meetings (BC1)
Date: 22/02/21Date: 21/06/21
Julia EvansJulia Evans
Stephen ClayFelicity Gasparro
Felicity GasparroCarolyn Seet
Carolyn Seet 
Standards Committee Meetings (BC2)
Date: 09/11/20Date: 29/03/21
Rory McCormackRory McCormack
Stephen PoulstonStephen Poulston
Hans DaemsStephen Clay
Stephen ClayFr John Lee
Fr John Lee 
Remuneration Committee Meetings (BC3)
Date: 24/11/20Date: 08/03/21Date: 10/05/21
Felicity GasparroFelicity GasparroFelicity Gasparro
Hans DaemsStephen PoulstonStephen Poulston
Stephen PoulstonRory McCormackRory McCormack
Rory McCormackJulia EvansJulia Evans
Attendance at the Full Board Meeting for 2020/21
Board Members7 meetings in total
Stephen Poulston7 out of 7
Hans Daems3 out of 5 (left at end of term in June)
Stephen Clay3 out of 5 (left on 27/04/21)
Julia Evans7 out of 7
Carolyn Seet7 out of 7
Felicity Gasparro4 out of 7
Rory McCormack7 out of 7
Fr John Lee5 out of 7
Attendance at the Finance Committee (BC1) for 2020/21
Board Members2 meetings in total
Julia Evans2 out of 2
Stephen Clay1 out of 1 (left on 27/04/21)
Felicity Gasparro2 out of 2
Carolyn Seet2 out of 2
Attendance at the Standards Committee (BC2) for 2020/21
Board Members2 meetings in total
Rory McCormack2 out of 2
Stephen Poulston2 out of 2
Hans Daems1 out of 2
Stephen Clay2 out of 2
Fr John Lee2 out of 2
Attendance at the Remuneration (BC3) for 2020/21
Board Members3 meetings in total
Felicity Gasparro3 out of 3
Hans Daems1 out of 3
Stephen Poulston3 out of 3
Rory McCormack3 out of 3
Julia Evans2 out of 3

2020-21 Governors' Attendance

See information on each school website for governors attendance at local governing body meetings.

The Frassati Catholic Academy Trust: a charitable company limited by
guarantee. Registered in England and Wales:
Company Number: 8561153
Registered Office: c/o St. Mary's School, Cookham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire
SL6 7EG.